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Hello, World!
Mon Jan 15 02:19 EST
welcome to the iddernet [link]
Sat Dec 17, 2005 16:31 EST
I miss you dav :~(
Sat Jun 19, 2004 01:26 EDT
Juhuu! Today my paket from digikey arrived. So I have this STK500 (Atmel AVR starter kit). Now I only need some free desk space to play around with it. [link]
Wed Jun 09, 2004 14:20 EDT
I have now freed up hundreds of dollars by giving up smoking. What other addictions can I pick up to cover this financial excess? I've already started spending $6/day on coffee, which leaves $4 for m&ms or doritos perhaps.
Wed Jun 02, 2004 17:12 EDT
So I liked this girl, but wasn't sure if she liked me. On Saturday, she had me over for dinner. I didn't get home until Sunday evening. I'd say she likes me.
Mon May 17, 2004 16:22 EDT
In 7th grade science, teacher was having the class vote on what kind of animal to dissect. He presented the options: worm, frog, or small shark. I raised my hand and proposed that instead of those boring choices, the entire class should chip in so we can adopt and dissect a baby. No one laughed. :(
Mon May 10, 2004 15:57 EDT
lookie lookie - i got a haircut! [link]
Thu May 06, 2004 00:17 EDT
As soon as it stops raining, I can put my bike together.
Mon Apr 26, 2004 20:45 EDT
So when you get the Hepatitis A Vaccine, you basically get Hepatitis and have flu like symptoms. It sucks.
Sat Apr 10, 2004 18:35 EDT
i sure am a hedonist. i like drinking, sex, and sleeping a whole lot, so i'm usually willing to get in trouble or suffer consequences. and i suffer.
Wed Apr 07, 2004 18:25 EDT
I had a weird dream. I was back in highschool, and sentenced to death for not having my shirt tucked in. But I had to make my own noose, and kill myself. I escaped, stepping through a portal to Melbourne, circa 1920s. Which was really just a 1920s New York, with little kids playing stickball. Wei
Sun Mar 14, 2004 19:10 EST
I found an aerial picture of my house! It's the one on the right side of the intersection between the road on the bottom and the one farthest left. [link]
Sat Mar 13, 2004 21:06 EST
This is the livejournal-alike part of the site. You could post a little story about your life and with the character limit you don't have to include all the context and apologies!
Sun Mar 07, 2004 00:49 EST