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Get a feel for your habits: $ for x in *; do file $x; done | grep JPEG | sed 's/://' | awk '{ printf("<img src=\"file:///home/dave/.mozilla/dave/2n6h694q.slt/Cache/%s\">\n", $1); }' > ~/test.html
Mon Jul 05, 2004 02:51 EDT
WTF? Also apparently shortjournal is really intermediately short journal, as each post must be at least 10 characters in length. Compensating for something, Greg? [link]
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Mon Jul 05, 2004 00:56 EDT
Peter Garrett, of Midnight Oil.. Mark Latham, leader of the opposition, and his wife.. and.. kared? [link]
Thu Jul 01, 2004 19:39 EDT
This still rules. [link]
Thu Jun 24, 2004 19:32 EDT
"Get the fuck out." [link]
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Wed Jun 16, 2004 18:47 EDT
Affirmation of stereotypes is often amusing. [link]
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Tue Jun 15, 2004 19:30 EDT
Mr Powell has increased the pressure on Opposition leader Mark Latham to reverse Labor's Christmas troop withdrawal deadline, particularly after this week's United Nation's resolution to formally end the occupation of Iraq at the end of this month. Orwell off by 20 years.
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Thu Jun 10, 2004 08:11 EDT
Size of OpenBSD in GB, every sixth months: 3.0, 4.5, 6.9, 11.8, 14.0, 11.0, 14.5
Fri Jun 04, 2004 00:47 EDT
The Olympic Torch apparently goes through the last city the Olympics were held at, and then it'll go to Atlanta, blah blah. One interesting thing was the mailboxes along the street were blocked off this morning. The War on Terror has finally managed to totally piss me off.
Thu Jun 03, 2004 19:50 EDT
Fuck the Olympic Torch and its traffic flow inhibiting properties.
Thu Jun 03, 2004 18:38 EDT
I have now freed up hundreds of dollars by giving up smoking. What other addictions can I pick up to cover this financial excess? I've already started spending $6/day on coffee, which leaves $4 for m&ms or doritos perhaps.
Wed Jun 02, 2004 17:12 EDT
Amusing emails I've received in the past 6 months. Also other stuff. [link]
Tue May 04, 2004 01:15 EDT
Fox News banned in Canada. [link]
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Wed Apr 28, 2004 17:08 EDT
My dad is probably going to die in a couple of years. What's a good way to let him know I love him without ruining his last years with the awkwardness that saying these words to your father entails?
Tue Apr 06, 2004 20:05 EDT