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Hooray for the value of whining on IRC. Real-time character count is the best. Three cheers for Greg.
Tue Mar 23, 2004 17:10 EST
I had a weird dream. I was back in highschool, and sentenced to death for not having my shirt tucked in. But I had to make my own noose, and kill myself. I escaped, stepping through a portal to Melbourne, circa 1920s. Which was really just a 1920s New York, with little kids playing stickball. Wei
Sun Mar 14, 2004 19:10 EST
Why the fuck do ISPs have to overcharge hundreds of dollars every single month without fail?
Fri Mar 05, 2004 00:41 EST
So Greg has a goddamn beard, what the fuck is up with that?
Thu Mar 04, 2004 23:44 EST
Awesome game. See if you can get to 30 seconds. :P [link]
Thu Mar 04, 2004 23:24 EST