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Also took a skunk stinking dump the other day. Wonder what food combos result in that particular stench .
Thu Jan 20, 2011 13:08 EST
"Did you hear my butt trumpet sing to you?" I asked the cat. Katy answered instead, "it sounded like whale songs."
Sat Mar 04, 2006 16:05 EST
I was sitting in a break room when I felt a fart coming on. I tried to position myself to minimize noise, but the fart *reverberated* off the plastic booth seat. It sounded like I'd blown up a big balloon then let it go. There was only one other person in the room, so I couldn't even blame it on anybody else.
Mon Mar 22, 2004 21:56 EST
once i woke up farting. it was one of those long, thin chainsaw farts. i stuffed my head under the blanket like a dutch oven and went back to sleep.
Mon Mar 15, 2004 19:11 EST