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taking another shit-oh-two-eleven. this one is pretty well formed, but smelly.
Sat Feb 12, 2005 04:38 EST
im taking a shit right now.. ah, the joys of wireless. anyways, i've been sick lately so this one is loose and wet and warm and stinky. mmm.
Thu Feb 10, 2005 15:54 EST
i took a shit last night that was approximately 1.4 solar masses.
Sat Apr 24, 2004 20:00 EDT
guinness farts have distinctive odor just like guinness shits. in fact, many different varieties of booze have different fart/shit smells. for example, tequila, bourbon, and pabst blue ribbon are all distinct.
Tue Apr 13, 2004 02:06 EDT
has anybody ever actually lit a fart on fire? is it possible?
Tue Mar 23, 2004 01:35 EST
is it wrong to enjoy the farts more than the food that created them? if that's wrong, greg dont wanna be right.
Sat Mar 20, 2004 02:36 EST
i just took a huuuuuge dump.. i mean it was fucking gigantic. i smoked a cigarette on the can and let fly.
Tue Mar 16, 2004 17:16 EST
what the hell is with those people who are sitting in a class, with a burrito wrapper on their desk, who will just not stop farting? that happened to me today and boy was it fucking gross. i wanted to tell this guy right in the middle of class to get up and go take a shit. what the hell. im not averse to the occasional anal wind, but if you're passing stinky bean essence all evening then you need to do something about it for the good of all mankind, or at least the segment that has to sit near you.
Tue Mar 16, 2004 00:29 EST
once i woke up farting. it was one of those long, thin chainsaw farts. i stuffed my head under the blanket like a dutch oven and went back to sleep.
Mon Mar 15, 2004 19:11 EST