I wrote a library called ggLCARS that provides a widget toolkit and infrastructure for writing programs that look like the Star Trek The Next Generation computer. LCARS = Library Computer Access/Retrieval System.

The widget toolkit links against libX11. You can think of it as a replacement for GTK, but it is not even remotely compatible. It's conceptually not all that different, though. GIA started out as a GTK program, in fact, and porting it was very trivial. The most obvious lacking of ggLCARS is it has no text entry widget (yet). Other constructs such as drop-down lists are missing, but they have no analog in LCARS (and they suck on touch screens anyways).

click here for download (consider this to be pre-anything release).

Enjoy pictures

Greg's Ipaq Alarmclock (intended as an aid in polyphasic sleep)

The book-selection page from my ebook reader.

The book-reading page from my ebook reader.

Nothing special -- this is the proof of concept that the basic GUI elements necessary to look like LCARS work.

GIA running on my iPaq (broioioing)

This is my metronome program, called "GGE." You use the sliders at the bottom to adjust the BPM and VOLume. The two beats numbers are the number of beats per measure. The secondary one can build polyrhythms (my intention is to teach myself quarter-note triplets on top of quarter-note bass better), and is enabled by tapping the blue 'beats' button.

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