Software (open source) by Greg Alexander

Not a whole lot of any particular value here...

I've been digging around looking for PalmOS software, and I've noticed that the release management skills of most of these guys is third rate. Then I looked at my own web presence. This is an attempt to begin to address my obvious failings, in case any of this software might be super-useful to someone. It is very incomplete, I just added everything so I wouuld remember to later.. If you want something that's missing, go ahead and email me. Or if you are interested in a program but can't fathom wtf I was thinking, ditto.

Oh, another pet peave is how I can never tell if something is ancient abandonware or just about to be developed into something awesome. So I'm including approximate dates of active development with these projects.

Soft84 2009-2012 Soft84 is a programmable RPN scientific calculator for Android.
gga TODO 2003-2005 gga is a primitive sampler program (i.e., like cooledit) for Linux
ggb 2004-2008 ggb is a software synthesizer (i.e., MIDI input, waveform output) for Linux
ngn TODO 2002-2003 ngn is a "note management suite". It is a set of programs and scripts to manage a simple note database. It tracks a synchronized DB between editors on three platforms: Memo (builtin) on PalmOS, a text editor (i.e., vi) on Unix, and a custom GTK app on my Linux PDA. I use it for everything from phone numbers to project notes.
freebucks TODO 2002-2003 FreeBucks is like ngn for money. It is a bit of a ripoff of FreeCoins, which I loved/hated, but it is new code. Also it is much simpler. Same three platforms: custom app on PalmOS, text editor on Unix, and custom GTK app for Linux PDA. I use it like a checkbook register.
mix 1997-1998 A simple command-line Linux util to set the volume (uses the OSS /dev/mixer). Like mixer for FreeBSD.
bus TODO 2001-2002 Most of an ARM compiler sans runtime for this one language I made to play with on the bus (it is targetted at the Psion/Symbian thing). Pretty good example of a fairly traditional approach to building a small compiler, with typical passes: lexical analysis, scanning into a tree, "lowering" the tree to a simpler form, register allocation, and code generation.
pic18asm 2004-2005 A reasonably featureful PIC18 assembler, with a slightly more sane syntax than is traditional for this platform.
pictx TODO 2005 A project to build a computer mixer to attach to the trainer port of my remote control airplane transmitter (i.e., to mix and tune the channels controlling the aircraft surfaces). Interesting if you want to see a lazy-man's Forth-like approach to PIC programming, or if you are interested in this cheap upgrade to a computer radio.
pictherm TODO 2008-2009 A combination of hardware and software to monitor the temperature at several points throughout my house, record this data, present it on a website, and also use it in a configurable way to control arbitrary devices (fans, heaters, etc.).
ggLCARS 2004 A Star Trek: The Next Generation (TM, I'm sure)-style display library for X11. Like GTK, but designed for touch panels with a curvy attitude. I use it on my iPAQ.
ggisfx TODO 2000 An svgalib- and OSS-based Linux program that lets you draw on the screen with the mouse, and makes sounds corresponding to the picture (x-axis is time, y-axis is frequency). Very primitive, but can make a couple neat sound effects. The idea could stand to see a modern reimplementation. ggx? I have since learned that this program achieves what is called "granular synthesis" in a primitive way and I've heard similar sounds on the radio on occasion.
gsoko TODO 2004 A GTK implementation of the popular logic game Sokoban (you push "rocks" into "holes", trying not to get stuck) targetted at PDA Linux. I borrowed the specific maps from an HP-95 (DOS) Sokoban by Hans de Vreught.
ll++ TODO 1997 A link-looker for IRC networks that displays a graphical representation and attempts to provide information that might be useful to OPERs.
next stuff TODO 1999-2000 I used to have a NeXTCube. It ran Linux. I did some hacks for it, like a mouse driver and stuff.
KB Gear Pablo Graphics Tablet serial driver 2004 I figured out the KB Gear Pablo Graphics Tablet serial protocol.
pkb TODO 2002-2003 A driver to let you use a Palm folding keyboard (serial interface) with Linux (i.e., Linux on iPAQ or similar). Only works within X.
gstroke TODO 2002-2008 A touchscreen-based text input program for X (like xstroke) that uses a formal 3x3 grid. On youtube.
xmouse 2004 A program to let you control the mouse in X11 using keyboard hotkeys.
Planets TODO 1999 A Java 1.1 applet to let you play with orbits. Provides two orthogonal 2-D views.
cmc TODO 1998 Cow Modem Control. A simple CGI program in C to let that old 386 with a modem run a NAT PPP gateway for the rest of the house. Probably irrelevant now that you can run Perl comfortably even on "antiquated" hardware.
befunge interpretter TODO 1997-1998 A BeFunge interpretter, with an integrated debugging environment, and multithreaded execution.