Select character states from the table at the left. As you make selections, taxa in the list on the right will turn red to indicate that they do not match your selections. Also, as you select character states, items in the characteristics table will grey out to indicate that they are no longer possible (no taxa would have the resulting combination of character states).

If you click on a taxon name in the table on the right, you will be taken to the web page for this taxon.

If you click on "SHOW CHARS" next to a taxon name, the character states of that taxon will be shown in the characteristics table.

If you click on the "RESET" button at top left, all characters will be reset.

If you click on the name of a character, that character will be reset.

Color key for the characteristics table:
name of character
unselected character state
selected character state
incompatible character state

Color key for the taxon table:
link to descriptive page
taxon matches selected characteristics
taxon does not match