Rhapsody Sucks

Jul 22, 2011

Ultimately I'm destined to use some sort of service roughly like Rhapsody, so I tried it. It's July 2011, and I'm most of the way through the two-week trial period.

In the short time it took me to trial Rhapsody, Spotify came to the US! Review coming soonish.

Let's try to be positive. Here are cool things about Rhapsody:

That's all.

Rhapsody sucks.


The concept is so fucking on top of it all that I really don't want to give up on it. I especially love that I can generally find whole albums (something not true about services like Grooveshark), and that I can find fairly obscure stuff (like The Tokens' psychedelic answer to Sgt Pepper).

I'm not sure if I could compromise on the Flash player sucks issue, and the whole proprietary security-through-obscurity DRM model that is its backdrop.

It'd be a little easier for me to accept a service that is missing such essential musicians as Frank Zappa, but still under protest.

But there's no way in fuck-hell that I'll pay extra (vs. Grooveshark) for a more complete collection when they haven't even figured out the most basic fundamentals of indexing it.

They want my money? Fuck them.

I know a lot of this reflects problems in the underlying music industry. For example, The Beatles' label is douchebags, and Rhapsody can't do anything about that. And presumably most labels demand DRM bullshit. And all of the labels love re-issuing, re-mastering, and re-compiling tracks to try to make an extra buck off of old music. I'm disappointed that these problems haven't been overcome in the record industry's answer to piracy. But what is actually surprising to me is how many of these errors are un-forced. Rhapsody is just shit-poor implementation. Even within the shit world of DRM and JavaScript and Android, it's possible to do _much_ better than this. The numerous multi-faceted indexing and queueing problems are just staggering to contemplate. It's like they don't give a shit about their customers. Or, as they described it, they only have one developer, and they pulled him off of PC development to work on phone apps instead.

Save your fucking money. If you're going to use something that is overtly by-and-for amateurs, use something free like Grooveshark.